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Effects of icosabutate, a dual free fatty acid receptor-1 and -4 agonist, on elevated noninvasive markers of liver injury, fibrosis and glycemic control in type 2 diabetic MASH patients and F1- F3 fibrosis

A medium-chain fatty acid analogue prevents
hepatosteatosis and decreases inflammatory
lipid metabolites in a murine model of
parenteral nutrition-induced hepatosteatosis

A Medium-Chain Fatty Acid Analogue Prevents Intestinal Failure–Associated Liver Disease in Preterm Yorkshire Piglets

Icosabutate targeting metabolic and inflammatory pathways for the treatment of NASH

AASLD, 2021

Alkhouri et al ICONA Interim Analysis Fibrosis and Severity

Journal of Hepatology, 2022

A structurally engineered fatty acid, icosabutate, suppresses liver inflammation and fibrosis in NASH

Paris NASH, 2021

An Engineered Fatty Acid, Icosabutate, Targets Free-Fatty Acid Receptor 4 (GPR120) via the β-arrestin-2 Internalisation Pathway

EASL, 2021

Icosabutate, a novel structurally engineered fatty acid, significantly reduces relevant markers of NASH and fibrosis in 16 weeks: Results of an interim analysis of the Phase 2b ICONA trial.

EASL, 2021

Anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects of icosabutate as mono- or combination therapy with a GLP-1 receptor agonist, a FXR agonist or an ACC inhibitor in a dietary mouse model of progressive fibrosis

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Dual targeting of hepatic fibrosis and atherogenesis by icosabutate, an engineered eicosapentaenoic acid derivative

Hepatology Communications, 2019

Icosabutate Exerts Beneficial Effects Upon Insulin Sensitivity, Hepatic Inflammation, Lipotoxicity, and Fibrosis in Mice

EASL poster 2020: Decline in NASH- and atherosclerosis-associated oxidised phospholipids and 7-ketocholesterol in response to icosabutate therapy

EASL 2019 late-breaker poster: Icosabutate a structurally engineered fatty acid, icosabutate, rapidly normalises elevated plasma ALT and gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) concentrations in a study population at high risk of NAFLD/NASH

EASL 2019 poster: Icosabutate induces a potent reduction in hepatic oxidative stress in multiple rodent models of metabolic stress and fibrosing NASH

AASLD 2018 poster: Icosabutate, a novel structurally engineered fatty-acid, exhibits potent anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects in a dietary mouse model resembling progressive human NASH

AASLD 2018 poster: A liver-targeted structurally engineered fatty acid, icosabutate, potently reduces hepatic pro-fibrotic gene expression and improves glycemic control in an obese diet-induced mouse model of NASH

EASL 2018 late-breaker poster: A structurally engineered fatty acid, icosabutate, displays optimised absorption, distribution and metabolism properties for targeting hepatic inflammation and normalises elevated liver enzymes in dyslipidemic patients.

Icosabutate for the treatment of very high triglycerides: A placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, 12-week clinical trial.

Icosabutate, a Structurally Engineered Fatty Acid, Improves the Cardiovascular Risk Profile in Statin-Treated Patients with Residual Hypertriglyceridemia.

“We believe icosabutate has the potential to impact the lives of millions of NASH patients globally”
Rob de Ree

Chief Executive Officer, NorthSea Therapeutics

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